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  • What does Sim Rig mean?
    The term Sim Racing combines the English words Simulated Racing and describes simulated automobile racing in e-gaming. The aim here is to simulate all the characteristics of real racing in the virtual world, such as the driving behavior of the cars, the geometry of the racetracks or even weather influences. The Sim Rig is the platform for the entire Race Simulation, i.e. the seat, pedals, steering wheel and monitors, steering wheel and the monitors.
  • Why do you use aluminum profiles and steel for the Sim Rigs?
    We have tested our Sim Rigs extensively and over time we have further developed and improved our design. The Sim Racing Rigs are designed to provide maximum Racing Simulator feeling and at the same time be stable to withstand the strong servo forces of the latest generation of steering wheels. Our Rigs are based on aluminum construction profiles. Aluminum is a particularly lightweight material. However, the structure of the profiles guarantees maximum stability. We have opted for high-quality structural steel for the attachment parts. The only things that count for us here are the safety and stability of the Sim Rigs.
  • Why Sim Racing?
    Virtual motorsport on the screen offers a safe and affordable option - especially for professionals: Sim Racing. Sim Racing uses computer simulation on a PC or games console to recreate realistic races and simulate driving physics, traction, grip and tire behaviour as accurately as possible.
  • How did you come up with the idea of building Sim Rigs?
    It all started with a great enthusiasm for Assetto Corsa. The Nürburgring was a particularly popular racetrack among our team. In our search for a suitable Sim Rig that would meet our requirements, we were unfortunately unable to find one from any supplier. So in 2019, we started to develop an aluminum Sim Rig ourselves with attachments made of high-quality, stable structural steel. Our first Sim Rig - the SRR 1000 - was the result of many development steps and tests.
  • What is the difference between the PRO version of your Sim Rigs and the basic version?
    The PRO versions differ in the multi-colored models, there is no technical difference. The price difference is due to the additional cost of the high-quality powder coating in several colors. The individual design gives your Sim Rig even more extravagance.
  • What is individual labeling?
    We offer you the opportunity to personalize your Sim Rig. Your own name, nickname, number or even a logo can be placed on the side panels and in the rear area of the base mount using magnetic foil.
  • How much space do I need for the SRR 1000 and how much does it weigh?
    The chassis made of aluminum slotted profiles has external dimensions of 1,400 x 580 mm. Without seat, add-on parts and PC or console and TV/monitor, the Sim Rig weighs around 55 kilograms. Note: The seat and add-on parts can of course increase the required base area slightly and make it heavier.
  • Can I adjust the Sim Rig to my height?
    The Sim-Rig can be adapted to the user's ergonomics in just a few simple steps. The focus is on adjusting the seat to the ideal position in relation to the steering wheel, pedals and monitor. The settings can also be adjusted at high speed when changing drivers.
  • Which seat do you recommend?
    Basically, all commercially available seats fit. We often use seats from Sparco - but of course it's a matter of taste.
  • Is the seat attached from the outside or from above?
    The seat is attached from the outside.
  • Is the Wheelbase Mount strong enough for steering wheels with DirectDrive?
    Yes, the Wheelbase Mount was specially designed for this and it doesn't wobble.
  • Can the parts of the Rigs be combined? For example, seat mounting rails from one Rig for another?
    Our Sim Rigs can be extended as required. It is therefore no problem to combine parts of the Sim Rigs.
  • I would like to place my rig under my desk. Can I buy it without the Monitor Mount?
    Absolutely. The Sim Rig SRR1000 would be perfect here, as it is supplied without a Monitor Mount.
  • Do you have any further questions?
    Then write us:
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