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We support our partners through the joint development and individual production of high-quality Sim Rigs.


Through passion, team spirit and performance, Dörr Esports lives racing in real and virtual form.

Dörr Esports has developed into one of the best-known and strongest Sim Racing teams in Europe in recent years and was awarded the VCO "Best Newcomer" award in 2021 due to regular top placings and victories in the most prestigious ESports championships.


The future of motorsports is particularly important to Dörr Esports. Together with the German Motor Sports Association (DMSB), they have therefore made the promotion of young talent one of their top priorities in 2022 and founded their own junior team with young drivers.


Through joint training sessions and races with their pro Sim Racers, they help them to improve their skills and accompany them on their way to a professional racing career.


BavarianSimTec's aim is to offer the most advanced Sim Racing steering wheels on the market.

All BavarianSimTec products are designed from scratch in-house and handmade to order. They are equally obsessed with technical perfection and aesthetics.


Whether you use your Simulator to prepare for a real race or just want to relax at the end of the day, what you expect is an authentic racing experience. That's why all their products have their origins in the real world or are derived from a "real" steering wheel.


Every new product is put through its paces by us in internal tests with various pressure and rotational forces that go far beyond the loads experienced during a Sim Race. This is how BavarianSimTec guarantees robustness, reliability and durability.

The Living.Steel Manufaktur combines traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to meet the highest demands.

LSB Manufaktur sells steel and metal products to private customers and businesses alike, making it one of our most important logistics and strategic partners. 


In addition to the exclusive production of our high-quality gaming furniture, LSB Manufaktur produces high-quality metalwork to customer order.


The work is diverse and ranges from simple shelf or table constructions to loft door systems and room dividers.

Drösser.Stahl is a strong partner to its customers for steel trading and steel processing.

The combination of expertise in the two business areas of steel trade and steel center ensures that Drösser.Stahl customers receive an efficient solution to their requirements.


The comprehensive stock range in the areas of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and construction elements, as well as modern machinery and in-house powder coating form the basis for this. 


In cooperation with Drösser.Stahl, we draw, design, manufacture and coat high-quality laser parts for our gaming furniture.


Nürburgring eSports has set itself the goal of creating fascinating experiences. To be more precise, digital experiences, in a real environment, for everyone.

Take part in competitions and measure yourself against drivers sitting in the Nürburgring eSports Bar, right next to you or in another city or soon in another country. 


Whether you're a motorsport fan or not - experience or not - Sim Racer or hobby gamer - young or old - you won't forget the Nürburgring eSports Bar in a hurry. The hottest sporting events are broadcast. Whether racing, soccer or the most diverse eSports events - you can experience it all at the Nürburgring eSports Bar. Of course, they also have good drinks and delicious cocktails.

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