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Made in Germany.


Since 2019, Tailored Rig has been passionately focused on the development and manufacture of steel and metal Gaming Rigs, always with the highest standards of design, quality and value for money.


All our products are the result of our own desire for what we consider to be the perfect product. Because we couldn't find a suitable alternative on the market, we simply developed our own Rigs.



Form follows function. We develop our products according to this guiding principle. The high standard of design is our self-image, but the focus is on functionality and flexibility for the user.


Our products are optimized until you are satisfied. Feel free to send us your ideas and concepts.


The combination of steel and aluminum materials and high-quality production methods such as laser cutting and powder coating make our products particularly robust.


Each product is personally inspected before dispatch to ensure that every item meets our and your requirements.

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