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Sim rigs for a realistic racing experience. In bright colors. Excellently finished. At a fair price.


Our new Sim Rig for the GP simulation.



You play on a separate monitor.

SRR 1000


Our GT simulator Sim Rig.

SRR 2000


For a realistic GP simulation.

SRR 3000


You like playing on 3-4 monitors.

SRR 4000



Adjustment options

In addition to the design and appearance, we have placed particular emphasis on simple and flexible adjustment options. This means that the Sim Rig Race can not only be individually adjusted to any body size and seating position preferences, it also enables a quick change of driver.


Your own name, nickname, number or even a logo can be placed on the side panel and in the back of the base holder using magnetic foil.

Variety of colors

The Sim Rig Race is available with a high-quality, powder-coated surface with a robust fine structure in various colors and color combinations!

Sim Rig Products from your favorite Sim Rig manufacturer in Germany!

If you're looking for high-quality Sim Rigs that will take your Sim Racing Experience to the next level, then you've come to the right place. As a renowned Sim Rig Manufacturer, we offer a wide range of Simulators and Accessories for enthusiastic racing drivers.

Why choose a Sim Rig from TailoredRig?

Our Sim Rigs are not only easy to buy, but also fully customizable and perfectly tailored to the needs of every Sim Racer. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner to Sim Racing, our Simulators will give you the realistic driving experience you're looking for.

Buying a Sim Rig - that shouldn't really be a problem, you might think. But finding the right Sim Racing Rig for you and your needs is not that easy.

We'll show you why you'll make the right decision with the Rigs from TailoredRig:

1. Different Sim Rig models offer you the perfect choice without being overwhelming.

Choose the SRR1000 model if you are just starting out with SimRacing or if you are playing on a separate TV. The Sim Rig SRR1000 is the perfect cockpit for you if you are at home in GT Racing.
The Sim Rig SRR2000 becomes your Sim Racing Rig if you want to mount a screen on your Rig. You can also add a GT Sparco seat here if you wish and get the complete Sim Rig Set. Do you want to fit more screens? Then you need our Triple Screen Mount!

The SRR3000 is a Simulator Rig for GP Simulation. This cockpit also takes all your wishes into account.
Our Sim Rig SRR4000 is the true all-rounder. For GT racers, the absolute dream Sim Racing experience begins here, because not only professionals will find the perfect gaming must-have with this cockpit, but amateur racers will also get their money's worth. With the Triple Screen Mount and the option to expand to four screens with the Streaming Screen Mount, your cockpit is more than complete!
The stylish Sim Rig SRR X is the ideal racing cockpit for GP Simulation. Visually, the cockpit is an absolute eye-catcher. Especially in the new "turquoise blue" color, racing is twice as much fun.

2. Customize your Sim Rig according to your wishes.

We offer the TailoredRig SimRigs in our standard colors basalt, white, black, red and green. You can also get the SRR X in a bright turquoise color.


And the best thing is: If you send us a message, we can make your Simulator Rig in just about any color! So just send us a message to


Sporty Simulation Rigs as a Pro version: If you like sporty color combinations, you need our Pro models. Based on real racing cars, you will find the following Rigs in fancy colors: Sim Rig SRR1000, Sim Rig SRR2000, Sim Rig SRR3000 and Sim Rig SRR4000


Take advantage of our accessory products to enjoy the complete Sim Rig Experience. Mouse Mount and Keyboard Mount as well as a Shifter Mount are an absolute must for flawless racing. Side Mounts, Front Mounts and Bottom Mounts ensure that the rigs are compatible with your equipment - no matter which brand or which models you prefer, from steering wheel to pedals. 


The best thing is that the Simulator Rigs from TailoredRig are fully adjustable to your requirements and you can add products to your rig even months later. The aluminum construction profiles make assembly and conversion easier. 

We deliver your Sim Rig pre-assembled, which saves you a lot of time and effort.

Good service and your satisfaction are our top priority!

Our Simracing Products include:

  • Sim Rig Complete Sets: Everything you need to get started in Sim Racing in one convenient package.

  • Sim Racing Rigs: Robust and sturdily constructed Sim Rigs designed for hours of racing fun.

  • Sim Racing Accessories: From Custom Magnetic Signs to Cable Covers, we have everything you need to personalize your Sim Racing experience.

  • Rig Racing: Experience exciting races on our Sim Rigs and challenge your friends.

Your trusted Sim Racing Store in Germany

Our online store is your one-stop shop for high-quality Sim Rigs and Accessories in Germany. We not only supply the products, but also comprehensive information and instructions to ensure you get the best out of your Simulator Rig.

Sim Racing Shop Germany - your home for Simulators

At TailoredRig, we are proud to be part of the burgeoning Sim Racing Community in Germany. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted source for Sim Rigs in Germany.

Whether you're already an experienced Sim Racer or just getting into the world of Sim Racing, our Sim Rigs and Accessories will inspire you. Discover our range today and buy the perfect Sim Rig to take your Sim Racing experience to the next level.


Put your trust in TailoredRig - your reliable partner for high-quality Sim Rigs in Germany. We are here to make your Sim Racing dreams come true!


Buying a Sim Rig has never been easier.

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