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The perfect Triple Screen Mount as an add-on for your Sim Rig SRR2000 or SRR3000


If you're looking for the ultimate Sim Racing experience, a Triple Screen Mount is an absolute must. With this innovative solution, you can take your Sim Rig to the next level and dive into the world of virtual racing like never before. Here's everything you need to know about Triple Screen Mounts and why they're a game changer for Sim Racing enthusiasts.


What is a Triple Screen Mount?


A Triple Screen Mount is a specially designed device that allows you to seamlessly attach three screens to your Sim Rig. This creates an immersive field of view that makes you feel like you're actually sitting in the cockpit of your virtual race car. Our Triple Screen Mounts are robust and adjustable, ensuring optimal customization to your needs and preferences.


Advantages of a Triple Screen Sim Rig and the TailoredRig Mount:

  • Highly realistic experience: with a Triple Screen Mount, you can experience racing in all its glory. The extended field of vision gives you a competitive edge and allows you to react precisely to every turn.
  • Improved immersion: The immersion effect of Sim Racing is significantly increased by the Triple Screen Mount. You feel as if you are actually behind the wheel of a super sports car.
  • Flexibility: The Triple Screen Mounts are highly adjustable and allow you to position the screens as you wish. This is particularly important to ensure the perfect viewing direction.
  • Compatibility: The Triple Screen Mount is compatible with our Sim Rig Race SRR2000 and the Sim Rig Race SRR3000.
  • Stability: The stable Triple Screen Mount prevents screen wobble during the race.
  • Adjustability: The customization options offered by the Triple Screen Mount allow you to adjust it perfectly to your needs.

In conclusion, we can say that a Triple Screen Mount is an essential accessory for any Sim Racing enthusiast. It improves immersion, increases the level of realism and gives your Sim Rig SRR2000 or SRR3000 the ultimate touch. Immerse yourself in the world of Sim Racing now and experience the thrill of virtual racing like never before with your Triple Screen Mount.

Triple Screen Mount

VAT Included
  • Your Triple Screen Mount will be made especially for you in our factory!

    Pick-up: in 20 - 30 working days (Mon-Fri) by appointment

    Shipment: 20 - 30 working days (Mon.-Fri.)

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